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Welcome to Dhatre Udyog (Previously known as Narayani Steels), a leading company with a legacy of specializing in producing high-quality Steel and Iron Products for the core industries. With the perfect balance of cutting-edge tech and a team of experts, we deliver the best products that meet global industry standards. Backed by years of experience and team of experts, we strive for excellence at every step, ensuring strong infrastructure and sustainable growth. Partner with us for reliable solutions and a brighter and stronger future. Experience the strength of innovation with Dhatre Udyog Company Ltd.

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Welcome to Dhatre Udyog – a renowned industry leader in producing the best TMT bars, DRI, and Pig Iron. With our commitment to excellence, we deliver the best products that meet global standards. Our advanced technology, skilled team of experts, and sustainable practices drive our ever growing success. Collaborate with us for the best solutions that empower industries on a global scale. 

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At Dhatre Udyog, our primary goal is to be the driving force behind transformative progress in the steel industry, the backbone of a country’s industrial economy. We aim to achieve this goal by consistently delivering high-quality TMT, DRI, and Pig Iron while prioritizing sustainability as our core value. 

We believe and strive to empower our clients and contribute to a sustainable, more prosperous world by fostering innovation, maintaining world-class standards, and building strong partnerships.

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