Welcome to Dhatre Udyog Limited


The TMT Bars are one of our flagship products, loved and talked about in the entire industry. With our expert team of engineers and designers, these bars are engineered with precision and crafted using the latest technology, making them the ideal choice for construction projects of any scale. 

With superior tensile strength, enhanced bendability, and high weldability, the TMT bars ensure the utmost safety and longevity in every structure. Our TMT Bars undergo multiple quality checks, adhering to international standards, making them resilient against earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. 

Trusted by engineers, architects, and builders, our TMT Bars guarantee a solid foundation for every building, structure, and architecture. Come team with us and build with confidence as we strengthen your dreams with the unmatched power of our TMT Bars.


Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), one of our most popular products, in the steel industry. Utilizing advanced technology, our DRI is produced to ensure a low-carbon footprint and a more environment-friendly production. 

The high-purity, metalized iron content in our DRI makes it a preferred choice for steelmaking, offering exceptional efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Its uniform and consistent composition results in superior-quality steel, used in a vast range of applications in various industries. 

As a responsible manufacturer, we take pride in contributing to sustainable practices while delivering top-grade DRI in the industry that empowers other businesses to thrive responsibly.

Pig Iron

One of our premium products is the Pig Iron, the cornerstone of modern metallurgy. Crafted using state-of-art tech from high-quality iron ore in our world-class facilities, our Pig Iron boasts exceptional chemical and physical characteristics. This versatile product is an excellent raw material in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, etc. With its high carbon content and low impurities, our Pig Iron ensures optimal performance and excellent machinability in steel production, the backbone of a country’s industrial economy. Committed to sustainability, we follow eco-friendly processes to create Pig Iron, thus empowering all the partner industries with responsible sourcing and production. Trust in our expertise and choose Pig Iron, which sets the standard for quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility.